Naval Battle: 17th century



Naval battle is a turn-based strategy game about ancient warships from the 17th century! You’re a admiral of your fleet. your job is the give directions and orders to each ship to beat your opponent. Battles are form 1 vs 1 to 8 vs 8.4 diffrent classes
There’re 4 ship classes with each different weakness and strengths.


Multiple waves

Multiple waves is a level with more than one wave of enemy ships! Choose your ships wisely, after every wave your damaged ships will be fully repaired, but your ships that has been destroyed not!
The trick is to avoid that your ships are being destroyed!



You’ll find waves and whirls on the map. This’ll give you a defense bonus to your ship, when your ship is on a grid, with a wave or whirl.And form level 6 you get acces to bonusses you can activate for a extra boost. You can activate bonesses for one turn, and special bonuses stay active for the whole round.